360° light projection on the road surface

Road projection, a safe and personalized approach

Ground surfaces close to the vehicles are used to further deploy Brands’ visual signature and provide a welcoming feeling to passengers when approaching the vehicle. It also provides a convenient access to the vehicle in dark areas.

In addition, with the increase of new mobility and therefore of Vulnerable Road Users (VRUs), there is further need for communications in order to ensure their safety, during vehicles’ maneuvering for example.

Welcome Light & Extended Signaling with road projection

Brand and personalization of the vehicle

Welcome Light provides enhanced experience with pattern or text projection on the sides of the vehicle. Current solutions are static (one pattern, not “moving”), the trend is to evolve towards dynamic capability, whether one “moving” pattern or several contents.

The benefits of such functionality can be various:

  • A premium feeling with a differentiation feature
  • Capability for the end-user to select a pattern/text for a personalized experience
  • Specific message for specific use cases (ex: car sharing)

Enhancement of communications and perceived safety for other road users

Extended Signaling: 5.180 Pedestrians and 2.160 Cyclists are killed each year in the EU1, 40% of which are during a turning maneuver (~60% when involving pedestrians). Increasing communications towards other road users, by projecting information on upcoming maneuvering, directly in their field of view is the key to increase the visibility and thus the road safety.

Ground projection solutions currently investigated are turn indicator and reverse. It is not yet allowed but regulations are being discussed (China and EU). Such functionalities are expected to be on the roads in 2023/2024.

Offering a distinctive and personalized experience has gone beyond the physical car body, it has become the car signature!

1 EU source, 2018